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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are answered for a typical church experience. Please contact us if you have any addition questions or need clarification. We are more than happy to help find a solution for your situation.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We are happy to do so. Please email to discuss shipping costs and options.

What does a typical night of KidzLife look like?

Every church is different, and you may choose to run your church program in whatever way it works for your facility. Many churches begin with coming-in game time (20-30 minutes), then announcements and large group lesson (30 minutes), move to small group time (30 minutes), then back together for worship (15 munutes). Some churches insert a missions component for and additional 30 minutes. Our missions director is available to coach one of your team members in developing a missions component specific for your church.

What’s involved with starting KidzLife?

Please see our Get Started page.

Can you give me an overview of all the components?

Please see our How It Works page.

How many years of curriculum do you have?

For elementary kids, our 3 years of repeatable curriculum will last indefinitely.  Here's what we mean:

The longest any elementary school child will be in your ministry is 6 years (K-5th), though some will be there for fewer years. KidzLife’s 3-year cycle is intended to be repeated, allowing the child to go through each curriculum twice.

The second time through a series, the child will be 3 years older, and his or her life will have changed a lot. Small group discussions are question-based, so their answers and applications are very different, and much deeper. If you choose to use journals with your kids, the child will move up into the older version of the journal for his second time through. These journals go a bit deeper too, with questions pertinent to his age and a longer portion of the passage to memorize.

Since the series can be repeated indefinitely, your ministry doesn’t have to repurchase the digital teaching materials. Invest once, and use forever.

“The deepest aha's spring from an encounter and then a return. Repeating the encounter fuses it into one's awareness. One of the biggest mistakes a teacher can make is to forego the return or repetition.” – Robert F. Bruner, University of Virginia

We have two years of curriculum for toddlers (3- and 4-year-olds). Both give an overview of God's big plan from Creation through Resurrection, highlighting different stories. You simply alternate these two series from year to year. 

We have one year of curriculum for 2-year-olds.

Is there any training provided?

Yes! We can help train your leaders in a few ways. Someone from your staff is welcome to attend our training session, offered each fall, just outside of Atlanta. That leader would, in turn, train your leaders. We also have a 12-video series available for you to purchase in our store. Or we are able to send our staff to you at a minimal cost to you. Please contact us about the specifics of your church.

How does KidzLife mix with other parts of our children’s ministry?

Typically, KidzLife is taught as a Wednesday night program, from fall to spring, during the course of a school year. Leaders understand that they are committing to intentionally disciple their group for the school year. Consistency in attendance is key to the development of relationships. KidzLife is an in-depth study for kids, much like adults might study a book of the Bible in a small group setting. There is a clear focus for each KidzLife series, and kids will have a deep understanding of that portion of the Bible at the end of the year.

What age range of kids?

We offer a creative, Bible program for 2 year-olds through 5th graders.

How many weeks does it last?

Each series offers 25 lessons, which is perfect for a school year. Many churches begin their KidzLife program after school starts in the fall, and end before Spring break. They take off a few weeks for Christmas and a week for Thanksgiving, plus throw in a family picnic or other event on a Wednesday, and it works out just right. 

How long is the program each night?

Each evening’s program lasts anywhere between one hour to two hours. It's up to you and what works for your congregation. 

How much does it cost?

Typically, a church will pay for one teaching packet, leader books, and leader bags. Leaders purchase their own t-shirts. Parents purchase their child’s t-shirt, Bible, Journal or Flashcards (2yrs-5th grade). The church also pays for teaching props, small group props, craft supplies, snacks for younger kids and candy to reward the older kids for Bible memorization. You can recoup some of these costs by charging a registration fee if that works for your church. Kingdom Cash is a completely optional component in which your church sends gifts to people in need, locally or internationally. This component is run by and paid for your church.

What is Kingdom Cash?

This is an optional “rewards program” for Bible verse memorization. We have found that kids need the instant gratification of a piece of candy each week when they recite their verse. But as an added incentive, some churches also give kids a Kingdom Cash dollar. Dollars are collected week after week. A few times during the year, kids have the opportunity to spend their cash on items that help others, such as mosquito nets for people in Africa, or Bibles for people in Nepal. Every church budget is different; items can be inexpensive or as elaborate as you can afford. Kids love giving to others, and you will be amazed, watching them work as a team, putting their dollars together to purchase larger items. Each church is responsible for organizing their list of items, purchasing, and delivering them. We are happy to make suggestions and answer any questions about what has worked well at other churches.

Why do you use the New International Reader’s Version of the Bible?

More than just memorizing words, we want God’s truth to penetrate our kids’ hearts. We want our kids to truly understand what the Bible says. In our research, we discovered that the NIrV is written on a third to forth grade level, so it is already “translated,” if you will, into kid-friendly wording. Therefore, we do not have to explain difficult words or concepts; they are already explained. For more information on the NIrV, please GO HERE.