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“If your church chooses to use KidzLife, prepare to be blessed. Prepare to be hooked. Prepare to learn a lot.
It is truly contagious to be at Kidzlife every Wednesday night. Oh, and my husband would say that Kidzlife is the
fastest 2 hours of the week. I would add, ‘the most incredibly blessed.’” - Kathy Hensley, Small Group Leader


The best part of volunteering at KidzLife is witnessing the kids express their genuine enthusiasm for God's word each week! KidzLife truly instills a sense of accountability for scripture memory in even the youngest participants. The program is focused on the Bible, not gimmicky ideas or cheesy characters. I am excited for my toddler to reach the age when she can participate!  

- Leigh Harper, Grade Director

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My daughter Amyra has been attending KidzLife for the last 5 years. I've had the privilege of being a substitute Bible teacher and a presenter at Passport (the missions component) many times since she has been involved so I've gotten to see KidzLife from several angles - as a mom and a volunteer.

There are so many reasons I love KidzLife! The first and foremost reason is the growth that I've seen in my daughter. Not only does she have an engaging and high quality teaching about what it means to follow Jesus every week, she has loving role models who pour into her life, a small group of friends who encourage her in her faith, and she is regularly made aware of ways she can serve and love others in different parts of the world through Passport. I've especially seen the benefits of Passport on both the sides of the equation. Genuine compassion is cultivated in the hearts of the kids at KidzLife and people truly benefit from the generosity and love of the children. They've funded several projects that I've worked on directly and it has meant so much to the people who have benefitted from those projects that the money or other resources came from young kids who genuinely care.

Every time I go to KidzLife, I'm blown away with the excellence in teaching the Bible, the fun atmosphere, and the creativity that goes into every element of the evening. The combination of these things results in nothing less than transformational growth in the kids and that is something for which I will be forever grateful to KidzLife!

- Erin Burchik, KidzLife Volunteer, Mother | Founder of The Joy Market


The KidzLife curriculum was integral in jump-starting our children's program. As a church plant, the materials that KidzLife offered were a welcome alternative to creating lessons from scratch and best of all, they are fun to use! The program was easy to adapt to our own church needs. Our favorite components were the journals that are given to the kids to take home. Reading the lessons from week to week with mom and dad allows opportunity to bring families together and spark conversations about God's Word that can help change the trajectory of a life.

- Kristie Preston, Children's Director, Atlanta, GA


The best part of volunteering at KidzLife is three-fold:  I get to share my faith with the kids, watch their faith grow, and learn more about God through the lessons and the kids.

The lessons are deep AND wide, which makes it very easy to select what will work for my teaching style, the age of the students I will be teaching and the length of time I have for the lesson. Each lesson is in language that a wide age range can relate to and each one has a ‘hook’ that draws the students in right from the start. The lessons are written so a person could teach without a lot of preparation (if needed) but also a teacher could make it their own, adding their own teaching style and flair.

I have learned a lot about my faith by preparing for each lesson.  And I have had a few ‘a-ha’ moments with Bible stories and text that have brought new light to my understanding. The fruit in the kids is huge... watching and hearing how they are growing in their own faith by understanding and digging deep into God’s word and how it applies in a practical way in their lives.  

The lessons are substantial and do not spoon-feed kids. They speak to them in their own language, with interactive possibilities and discussions. The Power Points help the kids visualize what is being discussed, grounding the learning so all kids can grasp and join in on the lesson.

- Kim Baran, Large Group teacher, Grayson GA


KidzLife engages our kids intellectually and spiritually while speaking their favorite language - FUN! Jesus tells us to "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14) This program truly embraces the need for kids to be themselves while hearing and applying biblical truth in ways they can understand. God's word becomes alive and relevant to them when they see everyday examples of the Kingdom demonstrated through the illustrations and activities during small group time. This opens up a dialogue for them about how Jesus is at work in their lives and in the lives of all believers. While fun and engaging, the lessons are firmly rooted in biblical truth. Scripture is frequently referenced in both teaching and small group time, and the kids are rewarded for reciting their memory verse each week. As I sit and listen to these lessons I am amazed at the power of God's word. Each lesson speaks to me and applies to my life just as much as the kids. I am blessed to serve in such an amazing children's program.

- Michelle Haley, Grade Director

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KidzLife is an amazing program that is full of Biblical content mixed with applicable lessons and activities that are easy to implement and lots of fun. I love that every aspect of the evening covers the same scripture content and that everyone is learning the same thing. Scripture memory is so important for our kids and this is a great way to memorize the "nuggets" of scripture from each lesson.

I have personally been a part of KidzLife for 7 years and it is one of my favorite nights of the week. Both of my daughters have attended the program and LOVED it! They learned scriptural foundations that will stay with them forever!

- Diane Dover, Grade Director


KidzLife is unique in the variety (large groups, musical worship, and small groups, and passport). These help keep the kids interested. The more interested they are, the better the chance of them absorbing the lessons.

I like that we only ask the kids to memorize one verse per week. This gives the kids a better chance to understand the verse's meanings and to hopefully relate this to their everyday lives.

For the kids and myself, I believe the time at KidzLife, although short, allows us to look inside ourselves and ask if we are doing what God wants us to do.

KidzLife works!

- Terry Sisely, Small Group Leader


KidzLife is very intentional, and purposeful dedicated time. The program is set up to maximize the use of 120 minutes for His glory! KidzLife will help you to engage your people in God-honoring outreach to the next generation, that they might know the beauty and majesty of the Lord Jesus themselves. It is purposeful, intentional pursuing of the lost and perishing in a way that is fun but glorifying to our Savior!

- Niki Pattison, Small Group Leader


KidzLife is really noisy, gives kids room to move around, dance and play, and learn the Word and how to pray.  The lessons are provided completely, scripted, if you need that. I always pray about delivering the message to the kids, but I always follow the plan provided. It helps me so much because I want to be available for the Lord, but I have little time. This provision, which I trust, is wonderful.

- Pat Grambo, Small Group Leader