Helping Kids Know God (Video Training Series)

An effective way to train your entire Kids' Min team:


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Why Try KidzLife’s New Training?

Have you ever spent the time and (let’s face it) dollars to attend a Children’s Ministry conference, only to be frustrated that when you returned, you had a hard time relaying all that you learned to your team? You may be filled to the brim, but it’s hard to translate all that passion to those who will be in the trenches with your kids. If only you could expose all your volunteers to every word of the training you soaked in.

We are offering all the kids min training essentials right at your fingertips, without the travel expenses, costly seminar fees, or time away from home and work that is associated with attending a Children’s Ministry seminar. And you won’t have to try to pass along what you learned to your team. Every one of your volunteers can view the actual teaching.

We have surveyed hundreds of Children’s Directors just like you, and put together videos on the most requested topics.

Covered in this comprehensive 12 video training: 

1. Portraying the True Heart of God (video preview)
2. Creating a Safe Environment for Kids
3. Teaching Dynamic Large Group Bible Lessons (video preview)
4. Leading Small Groups that Transform the Heart
5. Helping Kids Hear from God
6. Working with Preschoolers
7. Leading Kids into Worship
8. Insights for Children’s Ministry Directors
9. Kids in God’s Word
10. Kingdom Cash (a Wonderful Alternative Reward System)
11. The Heart of Working with Special Needs Children
12. Presenting the Salvation Message (FULL PREVIEW ABOVE)

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Flexible for Volunteers

  • Videos are broken into topics so you can watch and share just the right pieces to just the right volunteers.
  • Videos make your training time totally customizable: View videos together as a group, show some as breakout sessions, or email the links to your team members so they can watch at their convenience.
  • Use videos to train additional volunteers as they join your team (no waiting for months in order to train new recruits!)

$49 - One Time Purchase 

Train your entire team (no matter how many) for one low price. As your ministry grows, and you add volunteers, there is no additional cost to you. This is a one time purchase, not a monthly subscription.

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“I bought the KidzLife video training because it looked like some great content that I could share with my volunteers. This is excellent content!!! And the price point was VERY generous. No doubt that many churches will be blessed.”

Brian Dollar (High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources, Talk Now and Later, I Blew It!)


1. How Much Does the Training Cost?

$49 for a limited time. This is a one time purchase, not a monthly subscription.

2. When and Where Can I Purchase?

All customers interested in purchasing will be redirected to our secure, protected KidzLife website checkout page to finish their purchase.

3. What Else Can I Expect in From This Training?

You can expect to use this tool repeatedly to transform the volunteer and staff in your Children's Ministry.

Our videos are intended to: 

Inspire volunteers by showing them how to lead and teach kids in an engaging way. It's not that volunteers are unwilling, it's just that they need to be guided. Our training will show them how to captivate your kids through dynamic teaching and small groups. Better equipping your leaders will cut down on frustrating cancellations and will reduce your work load. But even better, it helps your leaders connect kids with the truth of God.

Keep all your leaders on the same page. When your team is trained properly from the start, you'll avoid many mistakes and problems. It's also much easier to refer back to training points when correction or further guidance is needed.

Introduce new thoughts and strategies to avoid burnout. Showing kids God's Kingdom is a privilege. Use these videos to spark the passion and remind volunteers of the main purpose...helping your kids know God, not just about Him. When this is the focus, your leaders will be energized by the kingdom fruit they are a part of bearing.

Help you cast your vision of a vibrant ministry. The heart of kids' ministry unveiled throughout these videos will help you set the tone for an atmosphere where kids (and adults) expectantly look for God at work all around them as they listen for His voice and live out His kingdom principles every day.

Help your leaders grow in their own walk. Many leaders say their own walk has grown much deeper after being a part of a church that has used our training. These principles are for kids, but let's face it, they are the same principles that help us adults to know God too! When a leader's faith is growing, they want to be more involved.

Help you create long-term, faithful helpers for your Kids Min. A team of well-trained leaders can reach so many more kids than you could ever reach on your own. Multiplication is the key to Kingdom growth.

3. How Will I Get Access to the Videos I Purchase?

Once you purchase, we'll immediately send you a PDF with a password protected page where all the videos can be viewed. By following our simple instructions you'll be able to access all of your videos, anytime. From that point on, you can share the PDF with any existing or new volunteers who can quickly access the training videos.

4. How Long Will I Have to Watch the Videos?

Forever :) 

Once you've purchased, you'll be able to access a password protected link so you can rewatch the most impactful parts, or show them to new volunteers. 

6. How Long is Each Video?

Videos vary greatly in length, depending on subject matter, but they average around 20 minutes.

7.  Who Can I Share This Training With?

Because we're making it as affordable as possible, we ask that you share it only with those in your church or institution. 

(Please don't share your password and link with other churches... encourage them to buy it so they're able to share it with all of their staff.)