We believe that children can hear God's voice and can have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus. When they memorize God's Word with understanding, they can apply it to their lives every day.

Bible Lessons for Children

KidzLife is a dynamic Wednesday night program that teaches kids how they can live the most adventuresome lives possible – life following Jesus in God’s kingdom. Through creative presentations, interactive small groups and bible lessons for kids, kids go deep into God’s word, learn to hear God’s voice, and walk in the power of His Holy Spirit. Furthermore, our kids hide the Scripture in their hearts and have the option of impacting other nations through a hands-on mission component. Our leaders are equally blessed as they intentionally disciple the next generation.

Everyone On the Same Lesson

Imagine a night of kid’s ministry where everyone you come in contact with is on the same page. Every child in the small group has been reading, memorizing, and pondering the same passage for a week. Every leader has read the same verses and has prayerfully considered which of the small group questions might generate the best discussion among their kids. The Children’s Bible Lesson teachers have saturated themselves with the same truths. All the conversations can revolve around the same topic. When one child has a question, you are free to take the time to fully answer and discuss it because it applies to your entire group. Kids and leaders can delve deeply into the topic to challenge and encourage one another. Guest speakers are on board, as is your music team. We learn together; we grow together; we discover God’s truth together. This unity is one of the fundamental principles of KidzLife.

Reinforced 4 Ways

At KidzLife, we believe in covering all the bases. We want to make sure our kids see God’s Word from every angle. First of all, learning begins at home. Kids in kindergarten through 5th grade get their first look at the lesson as they work through their interactive journals during the week. Toddlers and Preschoolers are first exposed to their Bible lesson when their parents read it to them, and preschoolers love getting their hands on our colorful, oversized flashcards. When kids arrive at KidzLife, the Bible lesson is expounded on in the large group teaching that is creative and memorable. Next, small group lessons take the Biblical truth to another level. Discussion is key as we explore how the truth we have read and heard about really applies to daily living–in school, at home, on the ball field, and everywhere we go. And finally, the message seeps in a bit deeper through worship for all ages and an original music CD for K-5th graders. With all these components, it’s nearly impossible for a child to walk away without taking hold of the ideas we want them to grasp.