Helping Kids Know God

A Bible-centered children's curriculum for churches who value the next generation


Too Many Kids Grow Up Thinking God is Boring, Angry or Distant

Kidzlife Curriculum is for any Children's Ministry that values kids knowing the true heart of God . 

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Biblically Accurate


KidzLife was built with Scripture at it’s core. Each curriculum uses God’s word to help kids understand and connect with His true heart and character. We carefully crafted lessons, journals, and songs to be accessible to kids without cheapening the message with man-made moral lessons or trivia. Here at KidzLife, we believe that when we teach kids about God, if we add anything or take anything away, we aren’t showing Him to be as perfect as He actually is... 


Unique Curriculum for Different Age Groups 


KidzLife has a 6-year cycle of curriculum for KingdomKidz (K-5th), 2 years for BigKidz (3-4 yr. olds) and 1 year for Kiddoz (2 yr. olds). We originally designed KidzLife as a Wednesday night program, however it is easily adaptable for Sunday mornings. 

BigKidz (3-4 year olds)
Kiddoz (2 year olds)
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Easily Doable, Creative Lessons


KidzLife Teaching Resources Include: 

  • 25 highly creative scripts for large group lessons
  • Ready-to-email small group lessons specific to age group
  • A Leader’s Guide to serve as a Bible study tool and lesson prep
  • Visual aids: powerpoints for every lesson (Kingdom Kidz)
  • 25 humorous, easy-to-produce puppet shows (BigKidz) 
  • 25 engaging crafts (BigKidz & Kiddoz) 
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Interactive Journals


KidzLife Journals are highly interactive using 3D, glow-in-the-dark, disappearing ink and cater to unique age groups (K-2nd) and (3rd-5th). They also feature key scriptures to look up and read along with each week’s memory verse.


Our journals were written to mirror the teachings of Jesus and the way He asked questions. Rarely did Jesus ask a question like, “How many disciples were in the boat?” That is academic; the goal is application. Rather, His questions were more open-ended and along the lines of, “When do you feel afraid?” These journals dig deep to provide lasting transformation and learning.

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Original Music


Here at KidzLife, we wanted to capitalize on the way God wired our brains to help kids hide God’s word deep down in their core. That’s why we took the time and energy to create original songs for the memory verses that go with our curriculum.

  • Fun for young kids, yet cool enough for a 5th grade boy (and parents too!) 
  • A variety of music styles that would rival what is popular on the radio–pop, rock, country, even a little rap.
  • Word-for-word Scripture, with no additional words, except maybe an occasional yeah or oooh
  • Verses in a version that kids understand. 
  • References incorporated into the song, so kids remember where to find the verses in the future.
  • Professional quality production kept at a very affordable price for parents.

Featured Artists from our KidzLife Memory Verse Albums:


Aaron Keyes (In the Living Room)


Kirby Kaple (Housefires)

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Helping Kids Know God: Video Training Series

Train your staff and volunteers for a one time fee of $49.