KingdomKidz Adventures in Acts (Acts) Digital Lesson Packet

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KingdomKidz Adventures in Acts (Acts) Digital Lesson Packet


Who says deep Biblical content can’t be fun? Not us! “Passionately accurate” is one of our key phrases at KidzLife, but so is “It’s a sin to bore kids with the Gospel.” The stories we get to teach in the book of Acts are absolutely awe-inspiring and a joy to impart to our kids. We explore what life was like for the first disciples when Jesus returned to heaven–how God's Spirit turned ordinary men into powerhouses of faith, and how God can still do the same today.

We go out of our way to capture kids’ attention with a grabber to start each large group lesson. We follow through with lessons that really speak to kids. We never water down the truth, but we get creative using age-appropriate examples and verbiage.

Small group discussions are where the rubber meets the road! Through hands-on activities and heart-probing questions, kids discover where Biblical truths intersect their daily lives. Leaders help kids process and plan how to put the principles they’re learning into practice.

This packet includes:

  • 25 digital large group lessons for K-5th

  • 25 power point presentations

  • 25 hands-on small group discussion guides for K-2nd grade

  • 25 hands-on small group discussion guides for 3rd-5th grade

  • Small group collateral materials

This item comes as a digital download only.


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