3 Steps to Increase Attendance of your Kid Min Events


The new year brings fresh opportunities to influence kids in your church! What an honor. Have you finalized your children’s ministry calendar for 2019? As you plan for the months ahead, we’d love to share thoughts on how to plan kid min events that matter and will be well attended.

  1. Find your “why.”
    Many children’s pastors express that senior leadership, volunteers, or parents demand events but don't help execute them or even attend. Before adding anything to the church calendar, make sure the event you're planning has a clearly defined “why” that is easy to articulate. Ask yourself – why are we doing this? What need is it meeting? What fruit can I anticipate? How does it fit into our ministry's long term or short term goals? Resolve to not facilitate any event just because the church has always done it or because someone is requesting it. Keep vision in the forefront of your mind and make sure you’re investing your precious, limited time and resources into gatherings that are fulfilling your mission.

  2. Share vision internally.
    Once you’ve nailed down your vision and the details, share them. In all of your interactions with the rest of your church staff, lead with the “why” of the event. When your colleagues buy in, they'll help spread the word.

  3. Share vision externally.
    Similarly, be sure to share the purpose with parents so they recognize the value of bringing their child. Incorporate vision in your advertising for the gathering, connecting the dots so parents will see why it should be a priority on their calendar.

    For example, instead of announcing an event as “Princess Night for 3rd-5th grade girls, February 12 at 7pm. Bring $5 for dinner” – you could say:

    “Bring your 3rd-5th grade daughter to Princess Night on February 12 at 7pm. Girls will uncover what it means to be a daughter of the King, exploring their inner worth, identity, and how they can live like the princesses they are. Thanks for sending $5 for dinner.” Sharing the heart behind the gathering speaks volumes.

We’ve developed a template to help you frame and shape your events this year. We’re praying for you and believing for an Ephesians 3:20 year!