KingdomKidz Journal: 3rd-5th grade - Kids Like the King


KingdomKidz Journal: 3rd-5th grade - Kids Like the King


“Whoa! Look at this!” That’s a phrase that’s commonly heard when kids first get their journal, put on the 3D glasses and follow the directions for each lesson. Parents don’t have to beg kids to work in these books.

This journal gets wheels turning in kids’ minds before they arrive at KidzLife so they have even more to talk about with their peers and leaders. Week by week, kids are led through passages of kings and queens, heroes and enemies, courage and fear. And all the while, kids see that God is with His people. Trusting Him is always the right thing to do. He has a plan for the broken and the helpless. His wisdom is still perfect for today. Kids will pour over questions that lead them to see how relevant the passages are in their daily lives. 

Each of the 25 weekly journal assignments includes:

  • Bible Verses to look up
  • Lesson summary
  • Reflection questions that get kids thinking about how the passage applies to them
  • Memory verse selection
  • Space for note taking
  • 3D component

Why did we go through all this extra effort? We believe that a child that loves digging into God’s word will make a habit of it.

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