Helping Kids Know God (12 Video Training Series)

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Helping Kids Know God (12 Video Training Series)


Use these 12 on-line videos to train your leaders. From casting vision for impacting the next generation, to the logistics of what to do in a small group, these convenient videos will get your entire team on the same page. (This is one time purchase and can be shared with anyone inside your church or organization. Please refrain from sharing the videos with other churches.)

1. Preview: Teaching Dynamic Large Group Bible Lessons

2. Preview: Portraying the True Heart of God

3. Preview: Helping Kids Hear from God

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Have you ever spent the time and (let’s face it) dollars to attend a Children’s Ministry conference, only to be frustrated that when you returned, you had a hard time relaying all that you learned to your team? You may be filled to the brim, but it’s hard to translate all that passion to those who will be in the trenches with your kids. If only you could expose all your volunteers to every word of the training you soaked in.

We are offering all the kids min training essentials right at your fingertips, without the travel expenses, costly seminar fees, or time away from home and work that is associated with attending a Children’s Ministry seminar. And you won’t have to try to pass along what you learned to your team. Every one of your volunteers can view the actual teaching.

Covered in this training: 

  1. Portraying the True Heart of God
  2. Creating a Safe Environment for Kids
  3. Teaching Dynamic Large Group Bible Lessons
  4. Leading Small Groups that Transform the Heart
  5. Helping Kids Hear from God
  6. Working with Preschoolers
  7. Leading Kids into Worship
  8. Insights for Children’s Ministry Directors
  9. Kids in God’s Word
  10. Kingdom Cash (a Wonderful Alternative Reward System)
  11. The Heart of Working with Special Needs Children
  12. Presenting the Salvation Message